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Reclaimed, found, salvaged, sourced, re-used ….. these are some of my favorite words…. and here is one of my favourite tables at the moment – Cajonuda.

“For the making of this table no harm has been done to any pieces of furniture… ”

Designed by Petz from Pokodesign and made by me.

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The March of the Chairs

A festival in the Spanish desert provided a beautiful blank canvas for an inspired art project.

This project titled ‘The March of the Chairs’ documents the travel of abandoned London street furniture crossing the hot Spanish desert in search of a place called ‘Planet Glunk’…..

Not so far away where the dusty wind blows
and the bluster bush kinda grows
one may find, if you are lucky, a meandering flock
staggering around a dainty rock.
these hapless chairs stagger and search for a place called Planet Glunk
a place said to be, made up mostly of random junk
the word on the street is, junk on Planet G
Is an ideal place to be…
A place of zero waste, which is exactly to the marching chairs taste.

Winding along the dusty road
In a relentless insect-like mode
These pioneering stools continually seek and search
For a wholesome place to perch.
So follow this march, if you dare, to the land of Planet Glunk
An awesome place for regular junk….

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