TAPE Cork Range


Ryan Frank, one of the UK’s most respected designer of sustainable products and furniture, in conjunction with TAPE a UK music brand, has today launched a cork sleeve for the new Apple iPad. The sleeves is part of a range of stylish and tactile cork based music and computing accessories, consisting of laptop covers, iPhone / iPod touch / Blackberry pouches and custom size eBook readers sleeves for the iPad and Kindle.




Enzo’ a felt-free version of the celebrated ‘Isabella’ stool, spices up this now in-demand range. Constructed from a solid section of spruce wood the stool represents a more budget rugged option, while keeping the same iconic shape.




Ryan Frank’s latest creation to be launched at the London Design Festival this September is ‘Isabella’, a totem pole style stacking stool made from straw and wool. Drawing inspiration from traditional hand carved African seating, but wanting to avoid the use of exotic hard woods, the stools are made from a solid section of Strawboard.




Made from recycled British newspaper the ‘Zilka’ clothes hangers present a fresh alternative to traditional wooden hangers.