Laptop Covers

Laptop Covers & Cases:

From your Apple iPad or Apple Mac, to your PC Laptop, Ryan Frank’s Laptop Covers and Cases can carry a laptop in an eco-friendly casing made of cork.  Working with London based TAPE Records, these sustainable cork sleeves come in several sizes, fitting 13 inch and 15 inch laptops, along with phone and mp3 players too.

Handmade from fabric backed cork, these sleeves provide protection from scratches and general wear and tear and are sourced from FSC approved woodlands.

With a range of furniture products, eco-friendly accessories for those on the go, and bespoke interior design services, Ryan Frank has a wide range of products.  However, the Laptop cases are available exclusively at Tape Records.

Or, contact us and find out how you can order a custom made version of this and anything else from our range of sustainable furniture and furnishing accessories, including items for the living room, bedroom and just about anywhere else in the home or office.

TAPEgear cork accessory range

TAPEgear cork accessory range