iPhone Cover

iPhone Covers & iPhone Cases:

Earlier this year, Ryan Frank designed and created a range of iPhone cases / iPhone covers that are made out of cork.  This collection of stylish cases / covers / accessories have been designed for UK music brand TAPE. The range include laptop covers for all types of computers, including Apple Mas, along with the critically acclaimed iPhone cover which was covered by websites all around the world, such as Mashable.com.

Ryan Frank also produce custom sizes for iPods, Blackberrys and even a case for the iPad and Amazon Kindle.  And all of them are eco-friendly, made out of cork.  View the cork range of iPhone cases and see a variety of pictures to get a closer look at the design of the iPhone covers and various other cork cases.

With a range of furniture products, eco-friendly accessories for those on the go, and bespoke interior design services, Ryan Frank has a wide range of products.  However, the iPhone cover is available exclusively at Tape Records.

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