Design Hub – Barcelona

I always thought having a studio/shop space would be great…. and I am now able to say that it is great.

The Design Hub is a showroom/ shop/ design consultancy all under one roof. A place where you can get your hands on anything from quirky accessories, furniture to interior design services.

We represent a number of local designers, brands and products. The best part is that everything comes with sustainability built in as standard.

We are located in a sunny street in Barcelona. Come and visit.


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Compost Loo

A spacious fairy tale compost loo for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Handmade using local and sustainably sourced materials.

Originally commissioned for an equestrian centre in Cambridgshire, this compost toilet is an ideal solution for people looking to put toilet facilities on a remote site without water or electricity, or simply looking for an attractive toilet building to complement the natural environment.

This beauty is for sale in the UK via a partner free-ranger site , click here to buy one.

or if you are in mainland Europe send me an email – info at


Compost Loo

Compost Loo

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Barcelona Design Week 2014

2nd of June 2014 – NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH

Barcelona Design Week

TAPEgear launches new range of protective sleeves for eReaders and note pads.

see our video













With a rapidly expanding catalogue of designer sleeves and protective covers for portable devices, TAPEgear now presents their newest  design that stays true to their core mantra of default sustainability and innovative use of green materials.
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Reebok, Record-Play and Ryan Frank

Take a studio space in the heart of London and Barcelona’s respective creative hubs, Shoreditch and Raval, add the latest fly trainers courtesy of Reebok, plus a load of music-making equipment, and top it off with bespoke furniture and fittings from furniture designer Ryan Frank and your end result should look a lot like the Record-Play Living Room. An exclusive, private space to host musicians and artists.
Frank’s designs help transform the space into a warm and inviting place. Artists can make the most of the experience by lounging around on furniture that is contemporary and comfortable, yet also made with honest, natural materials. Using a combination of spruce ply, hemp fabric and recyclable aluminium, his multi-functional designs range from sofas and stools, to shelving and lighting. Seating doubles up as useful storage, whilst shelving solutions further optimise the use of space by conveniently housing the stools when not in use. This is the first in the series of ‘Living Rooms’ – Berlin and Barcelona to follow shortly.
All illustrations were done by Andrew Groves

For more Hi-res images click HERE

Record Play - Ryan Frank, Free Range Furniture ..© Mark Cocksedge
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I love discovering a new material… this time its made from 100% textile waste, the bulk of it comes from your discarded clothes and industry fabric offcuts.

It all gets shredded down into a mix of fibers and scraps… this is where TapeGear steps in…. and offers another life, the material salvaged becomes our spanking new collection of sexy, functional sleeves for your precious smartpads and laptops.

Holistic design is all about what happens to the product after your done with it…. so …. just drop it in your nearest clothes recycling depot, so we can make some more sleeves.

This VIDEO explains the prodcuts lifecycle…

For more info check out the official TapeGear site


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Check out our new project on Kickstarter

Walking around a hot dusty scrapyard in South Africa a few years ago…. I found an old rusted crane hook. A solid heavy chunk of metal, that is a beautifully designed for optimised strength and function. The hook came home with me and hung on my bedroom wall for a few years.

Then one day i decided i needed to adapt it and turn it into a product of some sort….

Click on this link to hear the full story : Grapple Story


The hooks are made from a bio-plastic using grass

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Ryan Frank & Faircompanies

Kirsten Dirksen from Faircompanies – [community and access to tools on sustainable culture]
was kind enough to make this great clip on my AYO lamp series.
click here to see the video.

JAR – reclaimed pickle jar

The A(dd)Y(our)O(wn) lighting range gives everyone the chance to be part designer, part manufacturer. Made from rebar and natural rubber, the lights are designed without lampshades to encourage the re-use and re-cycle of everyday objects from garden, house or street. For Roomservice Design Gallery Ryan fitted the lights with a series of iconic Spanish objects salvaged in the streets of Barcelona such as fruit crates, olive oil tins and pickle jars.

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Barcelona Design Week – Glitch Studios

Many thanks to Glitch Lab for hosting me at this years Barcelona Design Week. The perfect place to launch my latest collection.

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Ryan Frank takes the ‘office’ out of office furniture

Sustainability and multi-functionality are effortlessly integrated by designer Ryan Frank in his debut office furniture collection, which will be on show on the 5th of October 2012 during Barcelona Design Week 2012.
The collection consists of a workstation and shelving unit made from a delightful mix of renewable materials such as, bamboo and steam-bonded Spanish cork.

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Reclaimed, found, salvaged, sourced, re-used ….. these are some of my favorite words…. and here is one of my favourite tables at the moment – Cajonuda.

“For the making of this table no harm has been done to any pieces of furniture… ”

Designed by Petz from Pokodesign and made by me.

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