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Reebok, Record-Play and Ryan Frank

Take a studio space in the heart of London and Barcelona’s respective creative hubs, Shoreditch and Raval, add the latest fly trainers courtesy of Reebok, plus a load of music-making equipment, and top it off with bespoke furniture and fittings from furniture designer Ryan Frank and your end result should look a lot like the Record-Play Living Room. An exclusive, private space to host musicians and artists.
Frank’s designs help transform the space into a warm and inviting place. Artists can make the most of the experience by lounging around on furniture that is contemporary and comfortable, yet also made with honest, natural materials. Using a combination of spruce ply, hemp fabric and recyclable aluminium, his multi-functional designs range from sofas and stools, to shelving and lighting. Seating doubles up as useful storage, whilst shelving solutions further optimise the use of space by conveniently housing the stools when not in use. This is the first in the series of ‘Living Rooms’ – Berlin and Barcelona to follow shortly.
All illustrations were done by Andrew Groves

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Record Play - Ryan Frank, Free Range Furniture ..© Mark Cocksedge
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