A few things to do with scaffolding planks

I recently discovered a stash of old scaffolding planks….These boards are made from a good quality pine and are full of character.

I also had a few furniture commissions on the go…

One was a memorial bench for a regeneration consultancy called Renaisi based in Shoreditch East London, and the other from a private client to design and build a giant farmhouse table.

I decided to make use of this valuable material source ….below is the result – strong, sturdy, salvaged free-range furniture.

table made from salvaged scaffold boards, with steel cut legs

Part of the brief was to make the table ´flatpack´..... So it was designed so the legs are able to be un-bolted for easy transport.

Herb Garden Memorial Bench

Happy herbs

casting the planters, using recycled materials

Plastic fibers from a shredded Royal Mail post bag, to provide strength

Plastic sleeving for copper wire cables

chopped up plastic to make aggregate for concrete mix

Edge detail of the concrete planter, with plastic fibers and aggregate

Successful installation

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